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What is paintball and how is it played?

The sport of paintball is only a few decades old, starting out mostly among friends playing "survival" games in the woods. Today, paintball is a multi-million dollar segment of the sporting industry that boasts local, regional, and national levels of competition.

A paintball gun or "marker" as it is known in the industry is given to each member of two or more separate teams. Each marker is filled with paintballs designed to break and "mark" their target when shot from the marker. An objective is given to each team before the start of each game, generally to either attack and capture a flag or to defend a flag from being captured by the attacking team. When a player is hit by an opposing team member's paintball and the paintball breaks or "marks" them during a game, the "hit" individual must return to their starting point to re-enter the game.

Throughout paintball's brief history, numerous game variations and different types of paintball fields have spawned including speedball, x-ball, woodsball, hyperball, etc.

Do paintballs hurt when they hit you?
The short answer is that it can, but usually very little. If hit from a moderate distance (25-50 feet), the sensation of being hit by a paintball can be akin to being popped with a rubber band. A closer range will slightly magnify the feeling. If you get shot at very close range (0-20 feet), they can leave a red welp and can sometimes be painful. The closest shots are usually from your best buddy right behind you.
Will the paint wash out of my clothes?
Yes, it washes out. A paintball is simply a thin-skinned gelatin capsule that contains a water soluble, non-toxic, biodegradable liquid which can be easily washed away with ordinary tap water.
How old do I have to be to play paintball?
APGOB requires that you be a minimum of 10 years old to play paintball. All participants 10+ years of age are required to sign a safety waiver in order to play. Those under 18 are required to have a parent or guardian's signature as well. The waiver can be downloaded here.
How fast are markers/guns allowed to shoot and in what modes?
APGOB requires a maximum firing speed of 285 FPS (feet per second) over a 3-shot average. The only shooting mode allowed is semi-mode. Ramping and other automatic modes are not allowed at APGOB. If a player is caught in ramping mode by a staff member, the rule violator will have the choice of either using a rental gun for the remainder of the day or leaving the field. Rental guns are not capable of entering ramping mode, so this may only become an issue with personal gun owners.
What if I get shot with a frozen paintball?
Contrary to popular belief, you cannot hard-freeze a paintball. This is due to the fact that the paint content is not purely water-based. If a paintball is placed into a freezer for long durations of time, the paintball actually becomes less effective. The paint becomes thicker and more gooey, and the shell becomes more brittle. Furthermore, once removed from a freezer, condensation on the paintball surface can induce swelling, making it even less likely that the paintball will ever make it out of the barrel without breaking.
What if it rains or storms?
As long as we have a minimum of 10 participating players, we allow customers to play in the rain as long as there is no lighting, overly high winds, or hard, steady downpours. Excluding these elements, we continue to remain open - rain or shine. Keep a check on our site weather map.
When are you open?
APGOB is open every Saturday from 9:30am until approximately 2:30pm. Check-in time is from 9:30am until 10:15am, with lunch being served after approximately 3-4 games (around 12:30pm). Private games and offsite games can be scheduled for other days, including weekdays and weekends; however, there is a minimum player requirement to schedule such an event. See the special events section or call us to learn more about scheduling these types of matches.
Where are you located?
We are located at 928 Old Natchez Trace Road, Canton, MS 39046. You can get exact directions from your current location here or give us a call at 601-825-1052.
How much does it cost to play paintball at APGOB?
Package prices vary, with a basic package starting at $40 per player. See our complete price list for additional pricing details.
What payment methods does APGOB accept?
Currently APGOB accepts payment by both cash and check. Credit and debit cards are not currently accepted.
Do I need to call to make a reservation in order to come play?
While we prefer for you to call in advance for parties of 5 or more, we accept walk-in groups of all sizes; however, equipment is reserved for groups that call ahead either until they arrive or until 10:00am, after which the equipment is released from reservation. All remaining equipment is issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.
What is the maximum number of people that I can bring with me?
APGOB doesn't impose a limit on the players you can bring with you - the more the merrier; however, for the sake of balancing teams, your group may be divided onto two separate teams. This occurrence is rare unless your group is over 15-20 people.
What do I need to bring with me?
Just you...and your friends. APGOB's player packages include all the equipment necessary to play paintball, as well as air, lunch, and sales tax. Although the paint washes out, you may wish to wear old clothes in the event that you get muddy or dirty. You can optionally print a waiver directly from our site to save time at registration. You can download the waiver here.Other than that, we've got you covered.
Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes, we allow players to bring their own equipment and accessories; however, if you bring your own paintball marker, you will be required to check the firing speed at a chronograph station designated by staff members at APGOB.
Can I borrow a tank, hopper, mask, or barrel sleeve if I don't have one?
APGOB does not rent out tanks, hoppers, masks, barrel sleeves, or other paintball-related equipment except as part of our various player packages. Individuals with their own equipment are responsible for bringing all the the items necessary to play except paint and air.
Can I bring my own paintballs that I purchased elsewhere?
No. APGOB is a field-paint only facility. In other words, "if you don't buy it here, don't bring it here." We do allow returning players to use paint they purchased from us on a previous visit, however.
Can I bring my own lunch?
Although lunch is included in all field packages (hamburger or hot dog and a cold drink), you may bring your own lunch if you choose to do so.
When should I show up?
Check-in begins around 9:30am and lasts until around 10:15am. We continue to accept players after this time, assuming we have equipment remaining to meet the need.
How many people play paintball each weekend at APGOB?
Although the number varies greatly depending upon weather conditions and the time of year, APGOB generally hosts between 30 and 70 players on average each week.
What types of paintball games do you offer?
APGOB currently participates in both speedball and woodsball, with a hyperball field planned in the near future.
If I am not playing, can I stay at the field if I am with someone else who is playing?
Yes, we will allow you to stay in the staging area of the facility while your family members or friends are playing.
Can I drop someone off and come back at the end of the day?
Yes, we allow drop-offs as long as they meet the minimum age requirements to play at the field.
What skill level do I need in order to play?
APGOB hosts a broad range of players with an even broader range of skill levels. Every week we have both first-timers and experienced players out at the field. Players are divided into teams as equally as possible with regards to age, group size, and skill level.
What brands/types of rental equipment do you provide?
Although it varies, most rental guns are either Tippmann 98 custom or BT-4 markers. Masks vary from Impact to VForce. Paintballs come in a variety of types, but we generally carry Heat, Formula 13, Infinity, Graffiti, and Redemption, although we don't guarantee inventory on any particular brand or type.
Do you sell equipment and accessories?
Although we don't keep an inventory of major equipment (such as guns, hoppers, masks, tanks, etc.), we can order them for you at the field. Ask a staff member about placing an order. Regarding accessories, we offer paintball grenades, smoke grenades, barrel swabs, and more. See our price list for a complete listing of items APGOB currently offers.
Do you offer private matches, offsite matches, or accommodations for large groups?
Yes, APGOB offers all of the above. With over 150 sets of equipment, we can accommodate a group virtually any size. Visit our special events section to learn more.
Can I have a birthday party at the field?
Absolutely. In fact, APGOB has been the host of dozens of birthday parties over the years. While we don't take an active role in any party, you are more than welcome to bring refreshments, cake, party favors, etc. and use an area for a small party.
What types of air fills do you offer and what is the maximum air fill limit?
APGOB uses both CO2 tanks and HPA (high pressure air) tanks. While exact air fill limits depend upon the tank in question, we fill all sizes of CO2 tanks as well as both 3000PSI and 4500 PSI HPA tanks.